Our company

How many years have we been in the market?

This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary. It is said soon and the truth is that they have passed very quickly. The adventure began in 1990 with very few means and a lot of enthusiasm, nothing out of the ordinary at any time. It has been 25 years of great moments, of successes and mistakes, of effort, learning, collaboration, support. 25 years of commitment and reliability.

Where are we?

We are in Albelda de Iregua, a beautiful town located just 13 kilometers from Logroño, on the privileged bank of the Iregua river. Here we were born, in a small place in the center of town. During these years we have changed our location several times, always in Albeldenses lands. We are a company of the land, we are grateful for the support that the people have always given us and we do everything possible to actively contribute to their welfare and development.

What is our philosophy?

Our philosophy is based on a very clear idea, we dedicate ourselves to GIVE SERVICE. We seek to offer our customers THE BEST MARKET SERVICE. We dedicate all our efforts to GIVE SOLUTIONS. In the pursuit of this objective, IRELUZ has equipped itself with the necessary elements so that agility is maximum. The human team, the stock of raw materials and components, infrastructure, processes and schedules are focused to achieve this goal.

But make no mistake, that in life is not worth everything. Things have to be done well and for this we have a comprehensive management system, which sets the guidelines for action.

-  Respect towards our own human team.

We do not disclose anything to recognize the importance of this factor. Good working conditions that guarantee safety in the development of daily activities. Valuation, continuous training, motivation, integration in the team, active participation in the constant improvement of our processes. THANK YOU

-  Respect towards our suppliers.

They are a very important part of our company. We demand a lot of them. We even ask them about their social responsibility, we are interested in the way their activity affects the environment. And we know how to value his involvement with life. We are among those who understand that all these factors influence the price. We look for our survival over time, looking after our suppliers. THANK YOU

-  Respect towards our clients.

Our customers, what a responsibility !! With them we started, with them we have traveled the road, we have learned, we have evolved, we have adapted. We have always been there, guaranteeing our work, solving the problems that have arisen along the way, adapting to the rhythm of the market.

With all we have gone front. Everyone is important, everyone deserves our effort and our best treatment. THANK YOU

-  Respect for our environment.

We are concerned about our environment, both more immediate and more global. Our intention is to continue fulfilling years and we want to contribute to make it in an increasingly natural and more sustainable environment.

Our contribution to our immediate environment goes through the identification and control of the environmental impact of our processes.

In terms of the more global environment, we encourage and advise on the use of efficient lighting elements, very durable over time and very easily recyclable at the end of its life cycle.

And from now on what?

Well to continue working. The current situation is a challenge that we are facing with the same enthusiasm as always. The bet for innovation and for the guarantee is the winning bet. We are not going to be quiet, that of course, we will continue moving, we will continue learning, both from our suppliers and our customers and we will be very attentive to our environment. The current LED technology evolves in such a way that if you blink ...

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